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“Few newcomer casinos have been able to amass the amount of attention Power Spins Casino has. Whether it’s supreme security, a wide offer of games or a unique design, they’ve shown that they’re more than capable of being a leading force on the market. With all the perks come a few drawbacks, but only the lack of a live casino can be considered a deal-breaker. As this is up to each player’s preference, our conclusion would be that Power Spins Casino is a solid product from a reputable operator. A strong base with polished edges, if you will.”

Power Spins Casino was founded in 2017, and have quickly become a formidable player in the iGaming industry. While they’ve been on the market for only three years, their background lies further in the past. They are owned and operated by BGO Entertainment, a gaming company incepted in 2012 in Alderney, an island in the Channel Islands region. Throughout their existence, they’ve been known to push boundaries in many different ways.

Aside from Power Spins Casino, the company also operates the following gaming websites: BGO Casino, Chili Casino, 7Casino and Vegas Luck Casino. While we’re not the ones to try and provide strawman arguments when analyzing criticism targeted at an online casino, the presence of these equally successful brands further bolsters Power Spins’ claim to iGaming fame. A solid portfolio means higher chances for more solid products.

Despite the self-assured performance orchestrated by BGO Entertainment, Power Spins Casino is not quite there yet. While they shine in most gaming facets, there are still some holes that need to be filled. Fortunately for them and for all players, these aren’t major structural issues and just need a small amount of work. Whether or not these hiccups will affect your experience is up to you to determine upon reading our Power Spins Casino review.


Restricted Countries:

Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, British Virgin Islands , Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, reece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iran , Iraq, Israel, Italy, Lybia, Macau, Mali, Netherlands, Niger, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, US Minor Outlying Islands , UAE, Zimbabwe

Supported Languages: It seems that Power Spins Casino opted to target an international audience, given the relatively low number of restricted countries and the fact that only English is supported


Overall Rating: 8.5/10



● Excellent as an instant play option. Perhaps the biggest advantage of Power Spins Casino is the fact that the browser experience is akin to the one provided by some of the biggest names in the industry. This is great for players who don’t like to download new software.

● An extremely wide choice of slots. In standard BGO fashion, Power Spins has one of the best slot portfolios we’ve ever seen. Truly a flagship section.

● Easy to use. Even though not many people like to talk about it, usability is important when looking for the next great online casino. Power Spins embodies this quality perfectly, making it ideal for rookie bettors.

● Fun design. Usual schemes have been disregarded in favor of vivacious solutions and visually pleasing elements. BGO’s footprints are there, but it’s not a carbon copy.



● No live casino. Most online gaming brands wouldn’t even dare to offer anything less than the full slots-table games-live casino trio. Power Spins Casino does this, which can alienate a lot of players.

● Too colorful for some. While the design solutions themselves are innovative, staring at this whirlwind of uncanny hues smashed together can be tiring for your eyes.

● Lack of a search filter. When you have more than 900 slots to choose from, some categorization or tags could be quite useful, you know. It’s awfully hard to find games whose names you don’t recall.


Software & Games (8/10)

In 2014, the online gaming world was stunned by the news of BGO Entertainment and Playtech joining forces in an exclusive partnership. Despite the initial hype, there was a large part of the community that thought this deal would restrict BGO’s choice when it came to games from other notable providers. As brands like Power Spins Casino quickly started gaining traction upon release, it became clear that these fears were completely unfounded and debunked with each move BGO made. Both old and new software providers were chosen to form a truly inclusive gaming environment.

Aside from Playtech’s spectacular array of titles, Power Spins includes a variety of titles by NetEnt, Barcrest Games and even IGT. In the variety department, this online casino is amongst the best in the business. They’ve obviously invested a lot of time in picking the right games. What’s even better is the notion that Power Spins is never satisfied with the current iteration of their website. To add excitement and a pinch of pizzaz, they constantly add new titles, refreshing the already humongous offer on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on the time of year.

While the bulk of the site’s design is due to Playtech’s savvy approach, there’s a lot to be said about the way BGO Entertainment handles perhaps their most prized gaming brand. For the sake of importance, we wanted to observe the UI before we focus on other aspects of this online casino.


User Interface (9/10)

If you’ve already tried out Chili Casino, BGO Casino or some other BGO brands, you will find the UI very familiar. Usually, when we’re reviewing newer online casinos, skepticism is abundant before we begin the testing phase. This is largely due to the fact many websites tend to go overboard with their design choices, further degrading their inherently chaotic portfolios. Why does this happen, exactly? Well, since the competition is tougher than ever before, casinos need something that will make them stand out.

Using some twisted logic, they opt for aggressive design solutions instead of, you know, offering enough games or making their customers feel comfortable. Being memorable is worth nothing in the iGaming industry, especially if the memorability isn’t shrouded in positivity. Power Spins Casino has managed to avoid all the prominent traps that new brands fall for so frequently. Even though they did put their own twist on an already seen approach, simplicity is the flagship quality here.

We are delighted by the homepage-centric design, where everything can be accessed with a single click. You don’t need to conduct extensive research just to find a single piece of information or a game that you’re interested in playing. With levels of priority in mind, everything a new player needs to find out is available at a few scrolling motions away. Power Spins Casino obviously realized that time-saving design solutions are one of the most underutilized features any casino could have. Technically, you would be right if you pointed out that the layout closely resembles other BGO-related brands, but is that really a surprise when you consider that they were all created in collaboration with Playtech?

One design aspect we really value is the placement of the Terms & Conditions on the homepage. This is especially beneficial for all you bonus hunters, as the entire rulebook is compressed into a little over ten sentences. More and more players see bonuses and promotions as the main catalyst for choosing an online casino. Power Spins Casino lets you know about the rules right away, which can prevent potential disappointment if a player doesn’t notice the small print. That’s a major plus in our book.

With BGO Entertainment, it’s always about the details. Take the search bar as an example. Instead of typing what you want to find, clicking Enter, waiting for the page to load and doing everything all over again, the instant search feature is available for everyone. It’s obviously a well-thought-out feature, with matches being found even for single letters and partially misspelled keywords. Both intuitive and useful, Power Spins’ search bar is something other online casinos should look up to.

Now, there is one thing that didn’t quite rub us the right way. We’re talking about the color choices. Don’t get us wrong - we’ve grown tired of seeing the same old black-white-red combo that every single site uses, but sometimes, less is indeed more. It’s obvious that Power Spins Casino was going for a design that’s based on all the other BGO brands, but with its own colorful twist. It’s just that the amount of color is a bit too much, especially if you’re spending several hours in front of the screen. Slightly fewer tones would be perfect.


Casino Games (6/10)

Power Spins Casino should definitely divert its attention to this particular section, as it seems to be the most underdeveloped part of the entire site. You’re probably surprised at the low rating we opted for, but rest assured that there is a substantial amount of reasoning behind this seemingly harsh verdict. Just to be clear - the “raw” idea on which this section was based is excellent. The problem is the lack of execution and a few glaring holes that must be addressed.

First of all, there is not a single live casino game offered. Know as one of the most prospective forms of iGaming today, live gaming is a pie that everyone wants a piece of. It provides players with a truly interactive environment, one that no other type of software can really simulate correctly. There will always be something “hypnotic” about the classic Vegas feel, the brightly colored tables and the nonchalant chit-chat between players. Live casino games allow you to chat with the dealer, enjoy cutting-edge table designs and interact with other people in the room. It’s the closest we can get to “the real thing”.

Thus, it’s quite concerning to see Power Spins Casino completely disregard such a prominent gaming niche. For those of you who just can’t put up with RNG-based software, this might be a significant deal-breaker. As of 2020, BGO Entertainment hasn’t given us any clues that might pertain to future developments and the possible emergence of a live casino section. When you consider that EVERY online casino operated by the company has at least eight live casino games, it becomes obvious that this might be an experiment of sorts. Testing the waters by purposely excluding a feature is a weird scientific method, but since BGO is a reputable name in gaming, we just might have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Still, we had to deduct some points simply because live dealer games are an industry standard.

As for table games, there isn’t a lot to choose from. However, every title provided is just superb and provides the same luxury gaming experience you’d come to expect. While the lackluster variety is certainly a flaw, we’re always in favor of quality over quantity. 21 Duel Multihand Blackjack, Card Brag, Progressive Blackjack and other titles are more than sufficient to leave a good impression. All in all, the table games section is a spectacular one. Those that love to experiment with unorthodox iterations of popular games will be disappointed, but Power Spins shouldn’t really be blamed because of this. They never advertised themselves as an eccentric’s safe haven.

Roulette, which is always solid at BGO-run websites, shines at Power Spins too. You’ll encounter a nice selection of games, with smooth software and no bugs whatsoever. We dare to say that the quality of the games, especially Pinball Roulette and Premium Roulette Pro, is almost akin to the live roulette experience. We’ve always been fans of live casino games, so this level of execution really caught us off guard. You really should disregard the lack of live dealer options and give Power Spins a chance. You’ll be surprised.


Slots (9/10)

Honestly, we didn’t expect anything less than excellence in this department. BGO Entertainment has always placed an emphasis on slot games, as they quickly became one of the leading operators in the late 2010s when it came to this niche. While most players and experts consider BGO Casino to possess the best slots portfolio out of all BGO brands, we wouldn’t quite agree with such a statement. Even though Power Spins Casino has about 200 fewer slots, the balance is much more apparent.

Unline with BGO Casino, the foundation is comprised of a large number of branded games. From Captain America, Batman and the Joker Jewels and Britain’s Got Talent are some of the most interesting titles we’ve come across. To be frank, few online casinos have even come close to so many different and seemingly contrasting facets of popular culture. As you scroll down, you will also see titles like South Park, Space Invaders, and even Scarface. For some reason, video poker is also located in the slots category, which can be confusing for some. Thankfully, there isn’t a lot of game iterations, so the section won’t be cluttered.

Jackpots and progressive jackpots alike are perhaps the flagship quality of Power Spins’ slots portfolio. Mega Jackpots Cleopatra, Mega Moolah and The Goonies (by Jackpot King) are perhaps the best-known names in this section. We love the fact that you can now see the jackpot amount even without being logged in. This wasn’t possible before and, honestly, it gives new players a bigger “window” to glare through. Improvements like this one give us ample hope that this online casino has a future so bright that you might very well need sunglasses.

One thing that could have been executed better was in-section navigation. It’s startling that a casino of Power Spins’ magnitude could disregard some additional search features. This is especially apparent in the slots section, where navigating through 700+ different games is no easy task. We would have loved to see something like tags or advanced search filters for categories (Egyptian, Nordic, popular culture, music, etc). Instead, you’re left without any aid except your own willingness to scroll endlessly. Thankfully, the auto-complete feature makes things a little easier but it’s still not something you would expect from a top tier gaming brand. It’s also the only big flaw in the Power Spins’ slots selection, which is still impressive.


Welcome Bonus & Other Available Promotions (10/10)

Whether we’re willing to admit it or not, bonuses have become a significant factor in modern gaming. With so many brands to choose from, it would be incredibly time-consuming (and financially crippling) to use your own money to try out every single online casino that seems even remotely interesting. The helter-skelter market gave birth to various types of promotions in the mid-2000s, of whom the welcome bonus is still the prominent iteration.

Throughout our reviewing days, we’ve basically seen the same thing over and over again. The site promises a lot of money and spells out the amount in big, shiny letters. As you create an account and make a deposit, you’re immediately sobered up by insane wagering requirements, processing fees and other things that every casino player hates from the bottom of his or her soul. Basically, the only difference between bonuses is the amount offered. Barring some limited-time promotions, you’re in for the same ride each time.

Why such a long intro? Well, we deemed it to be the best way to depict our excitement with what Power Spins offers. They’ve seemingly decided to go against the current and practically remove everything that players consider annoying. That’s why their welcome bonus is a thing of beauty, which is surprising when you take a look at other BGO Entertainment websites. BGO Casino, for instance, has a terrible welcome bonus that requires you to spin a wheel. Amazingly, ending up with nothing is technically possible. As no one wants to play empty-handed, it’s good to see BGO restraining themselves from using this approach with all of their casinos.


Power Spins Welcome Bonus - Up to 50 Free Spins

Believe it or not, welcome bonuses are a very misunderstood facet of online casinos. Most players only care about the amount of money they get from opting in, but that’s just a single detail in the whole microcosm of welcome offers. Unbeknownst to them, restrictions and the amount of them imposed is a great way to grade online casino promotions. Simply put, a £500 is worthless if can’t claim the money in an easy way. Since a lot of players aren’t quite fond of reading small-print letters and various terms, so it’s not that hard to get swindled. Power Spins literally smashes this category due to its site-wide policy - no wagering requirements.

Yes, you heard that right. Usually, casinos require you to wager your winnings 50+ times before you can withdraw them in the form of tangible cash. This is not only a problem for bonus hunters who want to win big, but even more so for professional players who might get lucky with a streak of free spins. Power Spins Casino stops this “obstacle” right in its tracks, allowing you to withdraw money without too much hassle. Couple that with the fact that they’ve always had a wide choice of payment methods and you have all the main ingredients for a pleasant online gaming experience.

What’s even more startling about this bonus is the fact that it’s very simple. You get what you pay for. By depositing £10 or more, you get 1 free spin per each pound you pledge. This is amazing, even if the £50 cap seems restrictive when compared to other promotions. It’s a scalable bonus, meaning that you can play as much as you want and still not waste money. Are you a slots fan who just wants to see how smooth the software is? Then you can just deposit £10 and still have the time of your life. If you’re looking to win from the get-go, treat yourself to the full 50 free spins and relax.

It’s not every day that you see a bonus that’s so inclusive and literally has several categories within itself. All-purpose promotions are incredibly rare these days, so we’re ecstatic to see Power Spins Casino utilizing one in a proper way. You should be ecstatic too, as this is perhaps one of the only offers on the market that don’t require you to think too hard or analyze complex rules. Just play and have fun. If we’re to nitpick, it’s not ideal that you can only use the free spins on Starburst, Aloha! Cluster Pays, Pyramid and Joker Pro. But hey, every casino has such a limit, right?

Aside from this welcome bonus, there aren’t any regular offers. Power Spins changes its roster up very regularly, resulting in an ever-exciting cornucopia of promotions. That’s something we’ve always enjoyed seeing, so this online casino is fully deserving of 10/10 in this category. Simple and effective.

Deposits & Withdrawals (9/10)

There is no other facet of gaming that’s so despised and so important at the same time. Payments are always an obstacle, both for players to have a comfortable experience and for operators to provide one. The banking industry has always been skeptical of gaming brands, as there is a widespread belief that money laundering is a part of the culture. Because of this situation, it’s hard for an online casino to offer all the most popular options.

Honestly, it’s a pretty rational outlook, as many gaming websites don’t even treat customer complaints that seriously. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why a payment provider wouldn’t want its name associated with a shady brand. Now, why is all this important? Before we started with Power Spins Casino’s baking section, we wanted to help you understand how rare and difficult it is for online casinos to achieve wide coverage.

To combat this problem, brands go down one of these two routes. The first group realizes the difficulties of constantly “hustling” to sign new contracts with e-wallets and banks, so they just give up on the whole process and amass a portfolio of providers with less-stellar credentials and less-stellar features. In most cases, you’re left with outdated platforms and options that aren’t suited for your needs.

In an attempt to avoid the fate of the first group, the other half of operators opt to go completely bonkers and amass all the “easy” contracts as soon as possible. The result is often underwhelming, as you get a large number of niche platforms. While they might be useful if the casino is targeting a certain target audience, but the average player doesn’t find this an attractive solution at all. If you’re from a specific region, then you might find many of the options tailor-made for you.

That’s why Power Spins Casino is so spectacular in this department. They’ve neither shied away from chasing options nor did they overburden their portfolio. All the most popular payment platforms are available, which is an even more spectacular feat when you consider that BGO Entertainment does this on all of their casino websites. Since each gaming site is audited independently, it’s borderline impossible to achieve such a feat. Everything you need is there, and some. The following options are at your disposal:

● VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, PayPal, Paysafecard , Skrill, Neteller

It’s amazing to see PayPal on any online casino, which makes Power Spins’ accomplishment a proper one. You also don’t see Maestro very often. All in all, the payment options themselves are popular and inclusive, as well as implementing advanced security measures to ensure the safety of your data and your transactions. However, it’s not all perfect.

Waiting times can sometimes be 48h or more, which is a practice most online casinos have all but eliminated. There are multiple fees along the way. Given the fact that 24-hour or instant payments are the norm, we don’t see a reason why you should pay a fee and get subpar speed. When you consider the multitude of attractive features Power Spins Casino offers, it’s a reasonable tradeoff. Honestly, we wholeheartedly encourage you to consider this site despite these two payment-related flaws. It’s a negligible smudge on an otherwise stellar casino.


Licensing and Security (10/10)

BGO Entertainment is always spectacular in this particular section, and Power Spins Casino is no exception to this company-wide policy of approach security as the utmost priority. Therefore, you get a pair of extremely strong licenses. For overseas operations, the site is licensed by the Alderney Gaming Control Commission (AGCC). We’re talking about an old and particularly respected organization here, so it’s reasonable to give Power Spins some credit.

In the UK, they are fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). This means that there is no chance of fraud or any sort of shady activity. To protect your data, the casino uses SSL encryption provided by a reputable software provider. Not many websites take the time to establish several lines of defense against hackers, but Power Spins is also shielded by several firewalls. That’s what we call taking security seriously.

The company also looks to protect its players, with active memberships in organizations such as GamStop, GamCare and BeGambleAware. We always stress how important it is for a gaming brand to do their part in spreading awareness about the perils of problem gambling, so this is a wonderful thing to encounter. To top it all off, the site is also verified at Casinopedia.com.


Customer Support (9/10)

You get the standard BGO approach here, with an emphasis on employee training. Their amazing protocols have resulted in a plethora of polite people looking to assist you with any problem that might have occurred. Live chat and email agents are both very cordial and adept at explaining compress issues in simple ways. We can’t give them a perfect score, as the support is only active from 10 am to 10 pm. If they introduce 24/7 working times, then we’ll gladly update this section and reward them for the effort.



Perhaps the most advanced and most spectacular brand in the BGO Entertainment Family, Power Spins Casino has grown to become a true gaming behemoth in just two years of existence. You’re getting a great choice of slots, an unrestrictive bonus and all the other basic facets and features taken care of. If you don’t mind the lack of live casino games, then there is no reason not to take the plunge and immerse yourself in the world of premium gaming.

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